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In the year 2023, our church family has been on a journey of “shema”—that is, to listen, discern and obey the God who reveals Himself in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. We have discerned that God is an Image-Maker and a Table-Spreader, a Compassionate and Restorative God, and a Missional and Revelational God.


The Bible tells the story of how this God created humanity to bear these same attributes, but humanity failed to live up to its calling. Though God continues to raise up individuals and families to repair and restore the Image of God, they keep on failing, and we are left wondering if anyone will be able to succeed.

God then comes to earth as the man Jesus of Nazareth, who is the perfect Image of God and who bears all His attributes perfectly. Through His death, burial and resurrection, He unites all people into Himself where we can be restored to our true selves. Through the Holy Spirit, we are empowered to live as we were always intended to live.

Because the Father and the Son are Image-Makers, Table-Spreaders, Compassionate, Restorative, Missional and Revelational, we, the children of God, are called to be the same kind of people.

We believe that we are Image Makers, chosen to bear God’s image and chosen to disciple discipling disciples.

We believe that we are Table Spreaders, chosen to live in the life-giving generosity of our Divine Host.

We believe that we are Compassionate, chosen to be co-sufferers with the broken.

We believe that we are Restorative, chosen to make things right as God intended in this world.

We believe that we are Missional, chosen to partner and dwell with others for kingdom purposes.

We believe that we are Revelational, chosen to reveal the wondrous mystery of Jesus.

The Church believes in the Holy Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God which is the final authority in faith and life. In accordance with this belief and our understanding of the Holy Bible, the Church believes that:

a) There is one God existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

b) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary, was God in the flesh, died on the cross for the sins of man, was resurrected and has ascended to Heaven and will return one day;

c) The Church is the spiritual body of Christ comprising of persons who have faith in God, repented of past sins, confessed Christ as the Son of God, been baptised by immersion for the forgiveness of sins and are living faithfully as Christians; and

d) The mission of the Church is to worship and glorify God, preach the gospel and make disciples, instruct and edify its members, and do good to others

  • We are the family of God, where every member plays their part.
  • We are ambassadors of God’s kingdom, where every member is called to be His representative on this earth.
  • We welcome all to join this family by passing through the waters of baptism and emerging on the other side as a new creation.
  • We gather to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus during the Lord’s Supper every week.
  • We call on our men to lead the family of God.
  • We worship a cappella as we sing with our hearts.

1963: Early Beginnings

Personal work at the new satellite town of Queenstown started by Christians at Moulmein COC (among whom was our first minister Henry Kong). Weekly cottage meetings at Lam Teck Ming’s home at Queenstown.

1964: Founding Year

First worship conducted at the home of Sis Polly Lee. This is treated as the founding year of the Church.

1966: First Minister

1966: First Minister

Henry Kong becomes the first local full-time minister upon graduation from Four Seas Bible College.

1966: Move to Tanglin Halt

The church begins conducting worship services in a rented 2-storey HDB shop unit (47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-327).

1972: Beginning of Deaf Ministry

Deaf Ministry was started by Nancy Morris who helped convert our first Deaf member, a Bible Course student.

1973: Move to YWCA

The church begins worshiping at Outram YWCA on Sunday mornings.

1976: Beginning of the Chinese Ministry

Church started the Chinese Ministry to reach out to the parents of members, with the help of brothers Tan, Koon & Kwan from Serangoon COC.

1982: Danny Han added as ministerial staff

Danny Han was added to the ministerial staff.

1983: Blessing of Pasir Panjang property

The Lord blessed us with a freehold land at 347 Pasir Panjang which was purchased at S$1.2m, with the help of a USD 400k loan from Quailsprings COC.

1985: First Youth Camp

Inaugural Youth Camp started and continues to be held in December each year.

1985: Patrick Ong joins the ministry staff

Patrick Ong joined the ministry team to work specially with the Deaf community.

1988: First Missions Sunday

Annual Missions Sunday launched at our 24th anniversary.

1994: First Annual Church Camp

Annual Church Camps started.

2004: First elders and deacons

The first batch of 5 elders and 6 deacons was appointed.

2010: Beginning of SIBI Singapore

SIBI set up its satellite campus in Singapore, offering a 2-year degree program, using the Church premises as an in-house campus.

2014: Tan Beng Chuan joins the ministry staff

Tan Beng Chuan joined the church staff as Involvement Minister. Having served as an elder since 2004, he felt called to ministry to support the church while the search for younger ministers continued.

2017: Henry Kong retires

After 51 years of service to God’s kingdom, our first minister Henry Kong retires from full-time ministry at PPCOC.

2020: Beginning of COVID

In March 2020, Singapore announced its Circuit-Breaker measures, including the suspension of in-person worship services for religious organisations. This began a long journey of learning to worship and maintain community virtually.

2021: John Lim joins ministry staff

John Lim joins the ministry staff as Minister for Youth, Worship and Media upon graduation from Harding University.

2022: Rebuilding begins

The church enters a season of “wilderness wandering” as rebuilding work begins at 347 Pasir Panjang Road.

2022: Retirement of Barnabas Thng

Barnabas Thng retired after over thirty years each of faithful service to the Lord as building supervisor.

2022: Irvin Wan and Kyle Hooper join ministry staff

Brothers Irvin Wan and Kyle Hooper join the ministry staff as Lead Minister and Minister for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation respectively.

2022: Retirement of Tan Beng Chuan

Brother Beng Chuan retires from full-time ministry after 9 years as Involvement Minister.

2023: Retirement of Annie Cheng

Sister Annie Cheng retires after over thirty years of faithful service as church administrator.

Jesus used His hands to demonstrate His love in many ways. He healed the blind man, fed the 5000, was nailed to the cross, died and rose again so that we would have victory over sin.

And so, the hands in the logo represent us reaching out in love. As Christ’s disciples, we are called to reach out to the lost (Luke 19:10) and to one another in the faith (Romans 12:9-13). As God’s people, we aspire to grow a community where love and service flows.

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