Who We Are

The Church believes in the Holy Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God which is the final authority in faith and life. In accordance with this belief and our understanding of the Holy Bible, the Church believes that:

  • There is one God existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary, was God in the flesh, died on the cross for the sins of man, was resurrected and has ascended to Heaven and will return one day;
  • The Church is the spiritual body of Christ comprising persons who have faith in God, repented of past sins, confessed Christ as the Son of God, been baptised by immersion for the forgiveness of sins and are living faithfully as Christians; and
  • The mission of the Church is to worship and glorify God, preach the gospel and make disciples, instruct and edify its members, and do good to others.


Personal work at the new satellite town of Queenstown started by Christians at Moulmein COC (among whom was our Minister Henry Kong). Publication of periodical “The Restorer” by Ong Aun Nam & Richard Chia for prospects at Queenstown. Weekly cottage meetings at Lam Teck Ming’s home at Queenstown


Return of AL Harbin from Australia to be full-time worker at Queenstown    

Founding Year

First worship conducted at the home of Sis Polly Lee house and this is treated as the founding year of the Church


Pence Dacus joined the Queenstown mission work.



Henry Kong became the first local full tme minister upon graduation from Four Seas Bible College

Church moved to a rented 2-storey HDB shop unit at Blk 47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-327 to conduct public services (with assistance from Lam Teck Ming and Anthony Poh)

365 days of perpetual gospel rally conducted by AL Harbin


All missionaries returned to USA and the work was left to local hands with support from Quailspring COC in USA


The Church launched its first overseas outreach and established the work in Johore Bahru. A house in Century Gardens was rented and Lau Kin Fatt was supported to work there each weekend

Church started a Bible Correspondence Course which had > 6000 students then


The Church part-supported one of our members, Raybestor Loke, to serve the Geylang congregation as their minister


Double morning worship services were started as result of good growth

Home Zones were started to provide closer fellowship, following the Church goal of building a 1000-member church


First Church Annual Retreat in Changi Village


Deaf Ministry was started by Nancy Morris who helped convert our first Deaf member, a Bible Course student


Church moved our Sunday services to Outram YWCA while maintaining the Tanglin Halt office. Bus ministry was started


Combined Inter Congregational Annual Gospel Rallies started

Church missions work reached Ipoh as we became the main sponsor of the work at Ayer Tawar


Church Building Fund started, spearheaded by Robert Cheng


Church registered as a Society under the Societies Act

Church planted the Chinese Ministry to reach out to the parents of members with the help of brothers Tan, Koon & Kwan from Serangoon COC


Church started the first Campus Outreach at NUS


The Church sent Henry Kong and his family on a sabbatical to USA, partly assisted by Quailsprings COC

Danny Han was added to the ministerial staff


The Lord blessed us with a freehold land in 347 Pasir Panjang which was purchased at S$1.2m, with the help of a USD 400k loan from Quailspring COC


Penang was added to our Missions Program


Church registered as a Charity under the Charities Act

Inaugural Youth Camps started and got its own lease of life in December each year

Patrick Ong was added as our 3rd ministerial staff, focusing on Deaf Work


New front extension of Worship Hall was completed

Annual Missions Sunday launched at our 24th anniversary

Seremban work was added to our Missions Program


The annual combined gospel rally reaped its best results yet – 42 baptisms and over 140 rededications (featuring Jeff Walling)

A Mission Fund was started in addition to our General Fund and Building Fund

The Church celebrated its Silver Anniversary with a grand dinner to raise funds to clear its Building Fund debt

Care Teams replaced Home Zones


Helped to plant Batam COC Indonesia and added it to our Missions Program


Annual Church Camps started


Myanmar was added to our Missions Program


Elders and Deacons were first appointed in line with biblical church organisation

Wangsa Maju COC in Malaysia was added to our Missions Program


Helped to plant Tuao COC Philippines and added it to our Missions Program


SIBI set up satellite campus in Singapore, offering a 2-year degree program, using the Church premises as a campus and dormitories

Golaprolu COC India was added to our Missions Program


Support of China missionaries was added to our Missions Program


First batch of SIBI graduands

Inaugural Young Adults camp in Johore KSL City started by Irvin Wan and team


Food Distribution to the aged and needy started on a monthly basis in partnership with DORCAS


Tan Beng Chuan was added as Involvement Minister

A few sisters started the Prison Ministry Work

Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a grand dinner with more than 800 in attendance


(May 2016) Started local outreach with weekly devotions to troubled teens at Gladiolus Place (formerly known as AG Home)


(April 2017) Minister Henry Kong retired after 50 years of service.

Church conducted Rebuilding Needs Survey and set up Interim Building Committee to conduct Feasibility Study on New Church Building options and costs.

(October 2017) PP Carnival was first launched and open to the neighbourhood with over 30 visitors.

(December 2017) URA granted plot ratio of 1.4 vs existing 1.0.


(July 2018) Church AGM > 90% approved new Constitution to include positions of Elders and Deacons as Board Members

(September 2018) Church Constitution updated to include positions of Elders and Deacons.

(November 2018) Launched PDPA Policy.

(December 2018) Church Wide Thanksgiving Meal changed from dinner to lunch followed the combined single morning worship.



(January 2019) Church officially launched new Church logo, new Electronic Attendance Tracking (EAT) system and new Membership Forms with PDPA policy

GEMS Club launched for children, with T-shirts and bible courses followed by quarterly outings and worships, maths workshop, parenting courses and more

Pledges and donations reached $6.1m target threshold to commence construction of new building

Re-election of Elders & Deacons

  • Worship God in spirit and in truth;
  • Preach the gospel and make disciples for God;
  • Build up Christians to full maturity through the teaching of God’s Word;
  • Strengthen mutual fellowship, encouragement and unity among Christians;
  • Establish and extend Christian missions and institutions for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom on earth and;
  • Promote Christian relief for the poor and needy.

By God’s grace, our vision is to be a vibrant and growing community of Christians serving one another and the community.

Equipped with committed servant leaders and dedicated care teams at home and passionate mission interest groups and partners abroad, we steward our resources responsibly for God’s Kingdom.


Jesus used His hands to demonstrate His love in many ways. He healed the blind man, fed the 5000, was nailed to the cross, died and rose again so that we would have victory over sin.

And so, the hands in the logo represent us reaching out in love. As Christ’s disciples, we are called to reach out to the lost (Luke 19:10) and to one another in the faith (Romans 12:9-13). As God’s people, we aspire to grow a community where love and service flows.

Our Partners