Dennis Law


Dennis has been a Christian since 1982 when the church was meeting at the YWCA Auditorium. In 2005, Dennis and his family were part of a group of members that started a church in Bishan. Despite their best efforts, that didn’t work out and in 2012, they returned to the congregation in Pasir Panjang.

Since his return, Dennis has been serving mainly as the worship’s song leader and occasionally preaches. Today, he is blessed to be part of the Singing Interest Group (SING) ministry and have also taken on the role of the Mission Coordinator for Philippines.

Dennis is married to his charming wife, Marissa since 1993 and they are proud parents of two fine young gentlemen – Daryl and Justin, both in their twenties.

Dennis spent 25 years working in Marketing. Currently he freelances as a Trainer / Facilitator.

When asked the question what prompted him to serve as a Deacon, his simple reply was “Because PP asked.” A wonderful testimony of him responding to the call to use his God-given talents and abilities for the Kingdom of God.