Faith Journey

How We Began

For its first seven years, the Church rented premises at a Tanglin Halt shophouse. We eventually rented the YWCA auditorium at Outram for ten more years, during which we decided to find a more permanent home.

We moved into our current freehold premises at Pasir Panjang Road in 1983, which came with a price tag of S$1.2 million at the time. The Quail Springs Church of Christ, USA, generously assisted us with a loan of US$400,000.

In addition to the existing bungalow, the Church built a second building to house the main worship auditorium, offices, and classrooms. We also obtained several containers to function as additional classroom space. 

For over thirty years, the Lord has used this sacred space to do marvellous things. Our premises have hosted countless Spirit-filled events, including inspiring worship assemblies and thought-provoking Bible classes, marriage ceremonies and newborn dedications, children’s ministry (now known as GEMS) presentations, intimate conversations and life-changing ministry moments.

Growing Pains

Over time, the Church began to outgrow the existing facilities. As the Church grew in numbers, physical space could not grow to meet it. Every Sunday was a dynamic hive of activity as members took it in their stride to find enough space to settle down.

The physical building also began to show its age, with various issues involving roof leakages, flooring, and termites. While undertaking expensive repair work, the Church also uncovered several areas that did not meet state safety and accessibility codes.

Most of all, there was a growing desire that our building become more than a place for members of the Church, but also a space for the wider community. We began to dream about a space equipped for the community to come and experience the presence of Jesus.

It was becoming clear that if we were serious about continuing the work of the Kingdom in Singapore, we had to do something about our physical space.

The Green Light: A Historic Plot Ratio

Following a feasibility study, by God’s grace, the government granted the Church a plot ratio of 1.4, a record high for religious buildings along Pasir Panjang Road.

Practically speaking, this high ratio allows us to build a taller building with the same plot of land, which means more levels and therefore more space for classrooms, libraries, and other facilities. When optimised, this could mean a 100% increase in the amount of available space compared to the old premises.

AGM Approval

At an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in July 2018, the Church voted overwhelmingly to embark on a full-scale reconstruction project. The old premises would be torn down entirely to clear the way for a brand-new, space-optimising facility. 

The Church also decided on a threshold of 70% of funds donated or pledged. Once the target had been met, the project could commence in earnest.

What’s In the New Building

The new building will include upgrades to existing infrastructure, such as an enlarged and improved worship auditorium. Office space will feature workstations, reception space, and conference rooms. There will also be more toilets to cater to the growing population as well as features that increase accessibility for the elderly and disabled.

Given the Church’s emphasis on biblical education and literacy, there will be ample space allocated to permanent classrooms. There will be multiple sizes of classrooms to hold different group sizes, and some will feature collapsible walls for a maximum of 18 classrooms.

The upper floors will be primarily used to house SIBI Singapore, our in-house Bible school. These floors will have classrooms, a library, and a kitchen. The top floor will also house a roof terrace for fellowship and devotional purposes.

For a full breakdown of features by level, please refer to the [next section]

Future Opportunities

We believe that our new building belongs to the Lord and we dedicate it to his service. We envision a space that welcomes the community, whether as a place for students to study or hang out, for local seminars and workshops, to provide counselling and tuition services, and much, much more.

We believe in a God who transforms the smallest seeds into the great, towering trees. So we are going to give him the biggest seed we can give and watch him work wonders beyond our wildest imaginations.